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Mark Berent


Storm Flight

Storm FlightIn Storm Flight, the intense conclusion to Berent’s Wings of War saga, the action is touched off by a daring raid on the Son Tay prisoner-of-war camp that reveals some startling information. With American prisoners in terrible jeopardy and crucial national secrets in danger of being discovered, the characters we have met in Berent's earlier books are put to the ultimate test. They must call upon all their skill, leadership, guts, and strength to complete their missions.

As always, Berent highlights his knowledge of little known facts about the war, and his keen insight into the minds of members of the fighting forces. In one exhilarating sequence, Parker and his instructor pilot Ken Tanaka each shoot down two MiGs in the course of one fight, involving four MiGs and an unarmed transport. Despite the chewing out that they receive later from their superior officer, the two fighter pilots refuse to shoot down the transport. Ironically, that decision was the one that saved the life of one of their strongest critics, Jane Fonda, who had once called fighter pilots "professional killers." (This incident is based on a true story.) Parker later makes "Ace," a title given to the rare fighter pilot who shoots down five MiGs.

Dedicated pilot, Lt. Col. Court Bannister, his uncle, the seasoned Major General "Whitey" Whisenand, and tough-as-nails Lt. Col. Wolf Lochert, all play key roles in the sensitive operation Storm Flight. With the information from the Son Tay raid, and coded signals from the brave Major "Flak" Apple, who is a tortured inmate at Hoa Lo Prison (the "Hanoi Hilton"), the men learn that the Russians are separating prisoners with highly classified tactical and technical knowledge for special interrogation. Their task in Storm Flight is to learn just where these particular prisoners are being held and what is planned for them.

The characters fight their own private battles as well: Court strives to overcome his loss of Susan Doyle while trying to get back into combat after his banishment from fighters into heavy bombers for vengefully tearing down a Viet Cong flag at a Washington protest rally; Captain Toby Parker, while proving he can stay sober, has to look deep inside himself to see if he truly is a dedicated Air Force Officer and fighter pilot; and Special Forces Colonel Wolf Lochert has to suppress his fierce desire for immediate action and play abhorrent political waiting games in order to ram through his bold plan for a POW rescue.

Storm Flight is a true tour de force in the military field. Berent expertly outlines the incredible obstacles that American flyers faced trying to win an unpopular war while simultaneously forbidden to strike targets vital to success, as, back home, politicians from both sides traded clichés that influenced the lives of millions. Storm Flight is indeed much more than a combat narration.

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By Grunt68 "M_0311"on August 13, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is a review for the five book series; honestly it would be difficult for me to review book by book since it is a series. A very good overview of the Vietnam War from many aspects.

The ground combat with the Green Beret character 'Wolf' is a complete package since he is involved in so many aspects of the war from the early days to the end. I can not speak as if I know about all the things he is involved in since I was in I Corp as a Marine mostly during the Siege of Khe Sanh. I got to work with a good number of Green Berets at FOB-3 after Lang Vei was overrun. The author tells of the Lang Vei story with the fictional name of Lang Tri; I firmly expect the author caught a lot of grief over Marines rescuing the Green Beanies in the final hour of the Lang Vei battle.

In the air bombing of enemy forces around Khe Sanh, I was able to observe what jets or fast movers had to fly thru in pressing their attacks. The flak from many different caliber AAA weapons was intense with a number of planes shot down & many others damaged. This leads into the second main character 'Court'; an Air Force pilot of good number of jets during his three combat tours. With him, we go on missions over South Vietnam in a F-100 in '66-'67, F-105 & F-4 in missions over North Vietnam in Hanoi in '67-'68 which was probably the most defended from air attacks than any place on earth. He also takes you on fast recon trolling & attack over the trail in F-100 & F-4 both by day & night. In '72, he takes you up north to bomb from a B-52 in Operation Linebacker II. Our third main character is 'Toby' who reminds us of what it was like to be a FNG. He goes from a non-rated Air Force officer to taking you on missions in slow recon O-1 & O-2's as a FAC. He takes us into heavily defended areas in these slow 120 mph prop aircraft in '67-'68. Later in '72 he takes you up North in a F-4 hunting Mig 17 & Mig 21 aircraft.

Our four main character is 'Flak', an F-4 pilot battling Migs up north & thru him we try to comprehend the torture & suffering he endured as a prisoner in the Hanoi Hilton for six long years.

Most of these characters have one or more girlfriends which fit into overall flow of the series. The series is fictional but very well be viewed as nonfiction by most since it ties so many aspects of the war in prospective.For any one looking for a series to try to understand what it was like in Vietnam, I highly recommend this series!!

Final Wings of War book-Storm Flight
By AF Nurseon April 1, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I've enjoyed the Wings of War Series very much. Court Bannister gets a TDY to educate himself about the B-52. He has been told to find out how to achieve fewer losses of the bombers when they are ordered to fly to Hanoi. It is an education for both the fighter pilot and the bomber crews. For some of the more senior SAC men his suggestions are heresy, but many of the crews are more than willing to try the new recommendations. I hope others will enjoy this series as much as I did.

By mr johnson December 28, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I am a son of a Vietnam Air Force pilot and grew up regularly witnessing screams during the night from my father who must have awaken from dreams of some of the things he witnessed over there. He never really talked about although as I grew up I was really interested in what he had been through. For whatever reason, he never opened up about, only sometimes while drunk he would suddenly say how he saw a friend one minute and then in pieces the next. He was known to get drunk a lot and I had heard him talk and curse to himself a lot. I was still fairly young when he died and never got the answers I so wanted to know about, and why he was the way he was. After reading this series of books by Mark Berent, I think I now more personally understand the tragedy and loss my father had seen through his tours of duty. I just wish I could speak to him now, after reading this series. I understand what you went through pop. As for Nixon, I never respected him much. But after reading, I think if he were commander in chief since the start of the war, things would have turned out MUCH DIFFERENT. He didn't care about public opinion, just about Americas resolve and failure to lose or to bend to public opinion. Yet I believe there wouldn't have been negative public opinion from the onset if he were president because he would have started the all out assault before any liberals can criticize him, and the north Vietnamese would've been begging for a peace in 1966. There would have never been any hippies or anti war demonstrations cause all Americans would have seen from the onset our thorough bashing of the communists and less loss of life of Americans that that screw up Johnson put americans, and especially the military through. My GOD, how the world would have been different if LBJ was shot instead of Kennedy. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR FIGHTING FORCE.

Just Terrific Books
By Leigh Lofgrenon December 2, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I have just finished reading Storm Flight and having read all five in the series, will be sad to see them go. However, as a child growing up in Australia during this war, I was amazed at the horror that these men and women went through, even more at the actions of the US government who let men die in order to appease those who were concerned about civilian losses and Presidents and others who considered elections more important than lives. I love the fact that you were given information about the characters after the conflict, but would love to know as to why Jane Fonda and the others were allowed to remain free and not be in prison on treason charges. It infuriated everyone at the time and still does rankle......there are many men who were in Vietnam and will hope to discuss some of their views at the time. Terrific, terrific books, each and every one of them and Mr Berent, as a hero himself, has done a great service to us all in getting the word out. Shame on all those who treated their soldiers as they did and even more shame to those in government that allowed this war to continue while losing lives for no other reason than politics and fools who should have known better.

I read all 5 in this series and enjoyed each one
By gholmes "PhotoNut"on October 29, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I read all 5 in this series and enjoyed each one. I was riveted in places, especially by place names and such, because I was a B52 crew-member during the Vietnam War, with 112 combat missions over S.E.A. I relived, in part, thru the author.

After I read these books I read his background. The author grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota and I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota, but there the similarities end as he was an officer and flew those crazy fighters.

If you like this kind of novel then you will enjoy these a lot.

By BubbaBrownon October 1, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

As an old Marine parachute rigger of the 1st MAW, I love military aircraft and revere the men who flew them. This series is equal to anything written by W.E.B. Griffin or Tom Clancy, but to me even better because Berent was there. I thank him for his service and for sharing it with us.