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Mark Berent


Eagle Station

Eagle StationIt is with good reason that Mark Berent has consistently received praise. Berent, himself a highly decorated pilot, has seen his share of action, having served in the Air Force for more than twenty years and survived three tours of Vietnam. In his three previous novels, all a part of the continuing saga that Kirkus Reviews has called "One of the best of the Vietnam experience with vivid intensity. Berent's remarkable storytelling places the reader directly into the heat of the battle, dodging missiles in the sky and countering blows in hand-to-hand combat.” As Tom Clancy says, "Berent is the real thing."

In Eagle Station, Berent puts on the heat and raises the stakes, creating his most electrifying tale of war to date. Beginning with a hair-raising cliffside helicopter rescue under heavy fire, and racing toward a climactic ground battle played out in the dark of night, engaging top secret USAF first special operations AC-130 Spectre gunships, Eagle Station is filled with adventure and acts of daring, woven into a compelling and powerful plot.

Three Young Cadets, Kenichi Tanaka, Joe Kelly, and Manuel "Little Cat' Dominguez, all subjected to the cruel hazing of an arrogant and vengeful upperclassman, band together in a show of unity and strength. Years later, this solemn oath of brotherhood will hold them together, and be severely tested, during cataclysmic events in Vietnam and Laos.

Located only 24 kilometers from the North Vietnamese border, in supposedly neutral Laos, Eagle Station is one of the most strategically located and important American radar installations, particularly for the fighter pilots and air rescue squadrons attempting to navigate the North Vietnam skies. When an explosion cuts off radio contact with the site, botching a life-or-death aerial rescue, it becomes clear that some unknown predatory group has set its sights on capturing Eagle Station. But who? Is it the communist Pathet Lao or the North Vietnamese? Or could it be the Soviets' elite Spetsnaz teams?

Returning from Berent's earlier novels, USAF Major Court Bannister and Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel Wolf Lochert join forces, agreeing to prepare the station for the imminent attack, not realizing that ultimately the primary defense will rest solely in their hands.

Days before the November 1968 presidential election, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, hoping to steer the vote in favor of Hubert Humphrey, prepares to make a major announcement concerning the war. USAF General "Whitey" Whisenand, recognizing the possible devastating consequences of Johnson's move, tries to dissuade the President, but to no avail. When his efforts fail, Whisenand sets in motion his own daring plan.

USAF Major Algernon A. "Flak" Apple, the first black pilot ever shot down over North Vietnam and captured, lies bruised and unconscious in a hospital bed. After his attempt to escape from the "Hanoi Hilton," the Hoa Lo Prison, was thwarted, he had been mercilessly tortured, almost to death, before being sent to the Hanoi City Hospital. But his captors are not yet done with him. Using psychological trickery, they attempt to "condition" him, preparing him for a role in "Valiant Struggle," a top-secret plan that, if successful, could shift public opinion in favor or the communists.

As these unforgettable characters are drawn closer together, as the clock ticks faster and the tension mounts, everything coalesces in a heart-stopping climax.


Read the entire book and be thankful that most you didn't have to be a one the characters
Mon May 19, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Mr,Berent tells his story as if you were there with him. He appears to me that he has or had no axe to grind about the Vietnam war. Like me, and millions of other men and some women, he is not a lover of war. He just presents his part of that horrible conflict.

This is one of those books you can't put down.
By mike stanglandon April 8, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I have come to think of Mark Berent as one of my favorite authors . he has combined history with the face and feelings of the men and women that fought for our country in the Vietnam War . This book will bring you to a place you would never want to be , but with people you would never want to be without.

Highly recommended
By Maxon December 11, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Excellent, possibly the best novel, along with the other four in the series, about the air war in Viet Nam. The air and ground combat scenes were accurate and exciting. Having been in the USAF from 1964 through 1968, it brought back many memories. Jargon, inter and intra service rivalries were accurately depicted, as was the foolishness of the Johnson-McNamara strategy that threw away so many American lives. Should be read by everyone so we don't forget how our prisoners were treated, and the heroism of the many who did their best to win, even though their hands were tied behind their backs.

By John K.on October 19, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is the most intense of all the five books in the "Wings of War" series. It is much more detailed and graphic in it's battle chapters. Riveting! Just can't put it down. My batteries wore out before I was able to finish a chapter and could not wait to get them charged to finish. Mark Berent is the best authour I have ever read on making history into novels.

In this book it takes on a new mission: Protect Eagle Station at all costs - that is at all costs, but to kill the Russian Special Forces that have entered in this book. It angers you that the high and mighty ( safe and sound in safe zones and the White House) have the ability to stop an over run of a US Base, based in Laos ( where neither US troops are supposed to be nor the Russians). It also give a detailed account of a Black Phantom Pilot that has been shot down, captured, torture, escaped, recaptured and retortured. And the Left wing News correspondence that will do anything to get him to confess to being a "War Criminal" as appossed to a POW. Each book in this series gets better. I have read a hundred books on Vietnam and none are better than Berents. Make sure you buy the whole series. Five books for fifteen bucks. You will thank me! Enjoy, but be prepared to grit your teeth.

Eagle Station
By BPon May 23, 2013
Format: Mass Market Paperback

I have read all five novels in this series. It appeals to men and women, civilian or military. It's quite apparent that Col. Berent spent thousands of hours researching military records, interviewing participants etc. to ensure authenicity of the war details.

The characters have been superbly developed, with touches of realism rarely seen. The characters exhibit compassion, fear, dedication to duty and the human expression of humor and sexual encounters which sustain life.

This series would make a most entertaining film -- it touches all aspects of life of dedicated men, in their most challenging test.

The Best Book so far in the Series
By Kotukuon June 7, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

What a great read and one I could hardly put down and read well into the night to finish. All of the characters you have come to love and hate in the earlier books are brought sharply into focus and at the same time some new characters are introduced seamlessly into the storyline. In fact this book could quite easily be read without reading the earlier books (not really recommending you do that, just making that comment).

The book consists of many small incidents or sub-plots that are quite gripping. The rescue of Wolf from the ledge; the attack on Eagle Station at Lima Site 36; the torture of Flak and many others all keep the reader on high adrenaline alert.

The authors intimate knowledge of the region and the war (I would punch anyone I heard calling it a conflict) make for a most compelling read.

I wish I could give it 6 stars!