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adversely affected the war in Vietnam.

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Mark Berent
About Mark

About Mark

Lt Col Mark E. Berent, USAF receiving numerous decorations after his third combat tour. Read More

Welcome to Mark Berent

The Wings of War series is indeed historical fiction.

The words the top leaders such as President Lyndon Johnson, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, and other top leaders are exactly attributed to them in the books I researched. My other characters are composites of people I had served with. In Rolling Thunder I write about the Mike Force, a Special Forces A-Team in South Vietnam. In 2011 we had a reunion and I had a video made that explains in detail how the F-100 close air support worked with the Mike Force during Operation Attleboro in 1966.

Rolling Thunder was a choice of the Literary
Guild and the military book club. (1988)


"A taut, exciting tale of good men in a bad war. Berent is the real thing."
"Rolling Thunder is terrific - a novel of exceptional authenticity that hits like a thunderclap. A decorated Vietnam pilot, Mark Berent knows planes and men and battle, and he whirls them around in a story of uncommon strength. I can't wait for his next book."
--- W.E.B. GRIFFIN, best-selling author of Brotherhood of War and The Corps
"Mark Berent writes with great authority and utter realism, immersing the reader in his characters' every sensation and emotion."
--- DALE BROWN, best-selling author of Flight of the Old Dog and Silver Tower
"The fighter pilot's war - you love it and hate it at the same time, and Mark Berent writes it that way."
--- STEPHEN COONTS, best-selling author of Flight of the Intruder
"Berent tells it like it was!"
"The best Vietnam air novel I have read. Berent captures the essence of flying men at war, their agony, emotions, courage, and triumph."